Fixdich 2 years Party!!!

Recently our one and only favorite track bike shop in Vienna went full time, opening its doors all week long! Its about time. 2 years later we are now able to get all the track bike porn we can handle. On April 30th Fixdich will be celebrating its birthday in style at the Alte Bäckerei […]

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JAPANTHER new video

Our good good good friends JAPANTHER just released a super geil video! old school puppetry is totally not used enough! We love it!

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Rad paRADe and Skid/Sprint/Trick contest!

At this years Bike Parade in Vienna, the Rad Rowdies are proud to host the King of the Ring/Queen of Wien Skid contest! Along with our friends at FixDich, Unicorn, Coldsprint, and Citybiker we will host a mayhem of events before the parade. Between 11 and 12 (in the morning!) there will be a sprint, […]

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Yukon found!

No Worries. Yukon was found and returned to LaWarrior. The Rowdies are whole again! this is far too cruel to be a prank from BLF… Someone has stolen our furriest Rad Rowdie! Yukon was stolen on the 8th of November 2011 around 18h from infront of billa on taborstrasse. Yukon is 10 years old, has […]

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alleyPanda DiscoCat

Our loudest Rowdie is getting one year older. In order to celebrate, Panda is hosting her annual AlleyPanda. It will go down at the BikeKitchen Vienna. You can show up starting at 19:30. The AlleyPanda starts at 22h. If you are up for a fun race through the city, you will be awarded with alcohol, […]

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The Rowdies go BCN

The flights are booked, our bike bags ready, our colors packed, and a shit load of stickers printed!!!! This weekend is the ECMC pre-event in Barcelona, as well as the European polo championships! And a couple Rowdies couldn’t pass up the chance to party and ride in the sun and fun of Barcelona! I cant […]

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Bike POrn… AGAIN

Since the bike smut crew loved Vienna so much they are coming back on Friday June 10th. This time they will be performing in the Bike Kitchen… I’m interested to see how that goes… boobs, vaginas, penises, alcohol, and of course bicycles! all available this friday at the Vienna bike kitchen.  

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TBA sculpture at Black Montana

Our friends over at TBA21 and Francesca Habsburg have invited the Rad Rowdies to the opening over their giant sculpture and sound project on Schwarzenbergplatz!! We happily accept the invitation and will be there in full force

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FixDich celebrates 1 year!

After a very long period of not opening, Fixdisch finally managed and opened its doors to the track bike lover community of Vienna! 1 year later we are happy to celebrate with our fellow rowdy, Cosmo and the rest of the Fixdich crew. On Saturday, April 30th starting at 15h we will be celebrating at […]

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Bike Porn Festival

mmmm Get your steel frame, full suspension, chain whip fetish on! Maybe you can even get a lube job 😉 April 27th 21:30h at Schikaneder Screenings at 23h Margaretenstrasse 24, Vienna   NIGHTRIDE from Gaga:rin

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Revival Premiere/Velosophie film night

Originally this video was removed from youtube for violating Falco music rights… but i guess since we made friends with Falko (german messenger) the world wide Falco association has allowed us to show it again :)

This was the premiere of “The Revival” film at the Schikaneder theater. Velosophie hosted the night with prizes from FixDich. Before the movie, we hosted the first ever fixie trick competition in Vienna. Glasses were broken, beer was spilt, and fun was had!

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